Grand Central Terminal

Celebrating 18 years in Grand Central Terminal.

We are very proud this year to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the Tournament of Champions in Grand Central Terminal and New York City.

In 1995, we took a chance. After four years at the Winter Garden in the World Financial Center downtown (battling sight line issues with Palm trees and limited seating), we knocked on Metro-North Railroad’s door to inquire about moving the tournament to Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall.

It only took one look at Vanderbilt Hall to know it was perfect for a squash tournament: two halves of a 200’ long room bisected by a busy thoroughfare left a natural divide between a squash arena to the east and a hospitality and exhibitor area to the west. The glass squash court’s one-way viewing properties ensured we could present free spectating to thousands of passers-by, while hosting hundreds more fans with reserved seating.

On behalf of the whole ToC Team, thank you. You personally have made the Tournament of Champions important in some way; as a celebrated event on the international squash calendar, a sliver of New York City lore, or a personal part of your world.

Whether you attend to watch the best squash players in the world, to entertain a guest at a fabulous sports experience, or to make a statement of value to the attendees, visitors and passers-by, you are why this tournament has succeeded and grown for 18 years in Grand Central Terminal.

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