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Bracket Racket

So you think you know your squash players?  Here’s your chance to predict the winners of each match in the men’s and women’s draws. Submit a completed draw with your predictions for the winner of each match in the 2017 J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions. Each day during the ToC, the Bracket Racket leaderboard will be updated on When the 2017 men’s and women’s champions receive their J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions trophies, we will know who REALLY KNOWS squash.

Go to DRAWS on, and click on Bracket Racket. Select the Men’s Draw or the Women’s Draw (we encourage you to complete both draws), and click on the name of the player you predict to win each match. Once you have completely filled the draw, enter your name (or nickname, if you prefer) and your email address and click SUBMIT. The results for each submitted draw will be tallied automatically upon completion of each ToC match.

You can submit your Bracket Racket draws prior to the completion of the qualifying matches or wait until the qualifying matches have been completed and the qualifiers’ names have been entered into the draw.

Mens Draw: Final draw with qualifiers’ names available 9:00pm EST Wednesday Jan. 11
Submission deadline: 12:30 pm, EST Thursday Jan. 12

Women’s Draw: Final draw with qualifiers’ names available 7:30pm EST Friday Jan. 13.
Submission deadline: 12:30 pm, EST, Saturday, Jan 14